Our Solutions

Sample solution

In 2005 a large Auckland based freight company had a problem; they needed a cheap reliable way to index thousands of proof of delivery forms in an online database.

Back then the only software on the market cost tens of thousands of dollars and they were taking hours each days manually trying to find the forms they were after.

3Bit developed image capture software encompassing an inexpensive digital camera and a barcode scanner. This allowed the storage of thousands of images into a database that was searchable on an intranet website.

Smart solutions for business

Over the years 3Bit has designed and built software packages for a large range of different industries. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies to get the job done, but we are not just a software shop: we are a solutions company.

We are so successful at implementing our projects because we take the time to understand your business; we take the time to understand the problem then we apply our abilities to developing the best software for your needs.

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