Managing over 1,500 members made easy!

Our solution for David Morris from NZIMRT was to help make managing his 1,500 members easier. And now thanks to 3Bit, using his web browser, anywhere in the world, he can!

Welcome to 3Bit

Custom websites and clever software

You name it, we can build it!

We have built all kinds of stuff from online software management packages to computer telephone integration software. We have built GPS tracking software and we have built credit card and TXT message gateway solutions. We can develop for Windows or we can build for Linux.

What would you like us to build for you?

Why 3Bit?

We are a local company based in Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.

We don't outsource to far off lands

We understand business and technology

We are friendly and you won't have to deal with IT Geeks

We are not just another IT company!

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