New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technology (NZIMRT)

Managing over 1,500 members can be a tricky task when you are doing it all by hand.

NZIMRT is the professional organisation representing Medical Radiation Technologists and Radiation Therapists in New Zealand.

In 2006 Dave from NZIMRT contacted 3Bit to help him move his manual system to an online management system. 3Bit worked with NZIMRT to build a completely custom solution to help NZIMRT manage their institution.

What 3Bit Developed

Public Website

  • Installed a custom Content Management System (CMS) for the website to allow for easy editing of the website by the admin staff.
  • Built an automated job advertising component for job ads
  • Members can pay for annual fees online using the Flo2Cash credit card gateway
  • Members can log their credits online and see all their credits.

Back Office

  • Custom management system to handle the day to day running of the Institute
  • Billing engine to automate the billing components
  • Automatic generation of certificates for credits that are earned.
  • System generates reports that help with decision making and planning for the future.

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