Xero integration into Sagepay Gateway

Automate your e-commerce site to Xero with SagePay

Your customers are sending orders through your website. Everything is streamlined from the front, but what about your back office processes?

From here, you need to manually key in every customer and their order into Xero.

Not any more. With our SagePay-Xero link, every 10 minutes we connect to your account and send the data across. No more wasting hours double handling entries, or correcting in mistakes. It all happens 24/7/365 without any input from you. You can rest easy knowing that it's all being taken care of.

Stop wasting time and streamline your business - contact us now to signup.

Pricing Starts at 25 GBP per month with a one of setup fee of 125 GBP, our solution can be customised to your product.

Philip Shaw - The Ramp People, Says.

“I am a customer of this Sagepay to Xero integration - it is an awesome piece of coding. Order goes into Sagepay from any one of our 5 websites - the 3Bit feeds picks it up and pushes it straight in Xero as a draft, product code , quantity, price and currency all imported and no data entry required. Highly recommended.

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